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Bind Them All with LiveDocs

Bind LiveDocs

Translation Memories (TM) and Term Bases (TB) are familiar to us, the users of MemoQ. Indeed, those two features already give us some practicalities. Thanks to TM we can easily refer back to the document we have worked on before using MemoQ. However, we might also encounter a case where we need to use some references from the documents we did not process with MemoQ. If the reference documents are out of our MemoQ projects, let’s say we worked on them in Microsoft Words, we need some more efforts then. To make things easier, we can check out the LiveDocs.

Project home

Straightly speaking, we’re up to import the non-MemoQ projects to our TMs or, in other words, include them into our own corpus. Whether to be used immediately or not, we can take some benefits from the corpus we develop. You can access the LiveDocs at the Project home when you have an active project or in the Resource console (upper-left part of the MemoQ screen) when no project is active.

What we do here is to import two translation MS Word files. To begin with, take a look at the bottom part of the LiveDocs window, where we can see this:

After creating a new corpus or selecting the ready ones, we can go to this part then right-click on it to then select ‘Add Alignment Pair’.

Once done, you will see this window:

This is through where you should import your source and target documents for further processing. If the two files are matched, which means you have imported the correct source and target documents, the result will be like this:

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